Blog post #1: Friends

Whenever your in high school and college friends are so important to have in your life. Things go wrong and you need someone there to help you get through the rough times. School can be so overwhelming that a girls night is absolutely needed to be able to survive. Majority of people say that the friends you had in high school won’t carry through the rest of your life. I’ve been so incredibly fortunate to have the same three friends since I was an eighth grader and I am now a sophomore in college. We have our own lives and are becoming successful in different ways. I’m a full time college student majoring in Elementary education, one of them has a three month old baby and the other two are nurses at a hospital. No we don’t talk everyday but I know that whenever I am in need they are there for me and I do the same with them. You eventually realize who your true friends are in life it just takes some time. As long as you have one good friend I would call yourself lucky. Do not do life alone, it’s impossible.


College can be so difficult and stressful for anybody. Today I’m having one of those days where I feel like I have so much to do and as I start to complete things the list never seems to go down. What also makes it difficult is your by yourself a lot through the day and you have to be so independent on yourself to get stuff done. Yes, you have your friends but they are not with you every second of the day like it may have been in high school. They are out there doing there own thing as well and sometimes you just need someone there to tell you it’s all going to be okay and you will accomplish what you need to because you have days where you feel so lonely and like you can’t do anything. So, if this is you take a deep breathe, rest for a few minutes and continue doing what you have to do to conquer today. Remember it will all be worth it in the end.

Valentines Day

As you all know Valentines Day is in just a few days, some people love the holiday and some people hate it. For me I’ve always hated it, it always makes me feel like I’m obligated to have somebody and then if I don’t I’m supposed to be upset about it. In all honestly I’ve never had a boyfriend on Valentines Day and I’ve never received flowers, chocolates or a nice romantic dinner either. Something I read on Facebook the other day that the real holiday is February 15 when all the candy goes on sale, it made me laugh. I don’t think a holiday should make anybody feel lonely in fact I believe it’s so good to be independent and when the time is right you will find the right person. It’s taken me a lot of time for me to truly believe this but it’s the truth. So on this Valentines Day if you don’t have a significant other hang out with some friends or your family. Don’t spend it alone because your not and should never be!